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The Shame Free Life can customize topical workshops to fit the theme and occasion of your event or conference.

We take pride in excellence and empowerment for applicable results.  Additionally, we specialize in re-entry consulting and cater to a community of individuals who are or have been incarcerated. 


Workshops and empowerment seminar topics:
  • Overcoming adversity with attitude.
  • The challenges of the formerly incarcerated.
  • Standing in the mirror of shame.
  • Shame: the enemy of identity.
  • Conquering rejection.
  • Sexual Shame.
  • Is there a Samson in you?

Everyone has experienced shame to some degree. Healthy shame can promote self-awareness and serves as a powerful motivator in improving our choices in life. However, unhealthy shame causes us to disconnect from our real self while promoting a false self in order to be accepted than to endure the shame of rejection.

Rejection is as common as a cold. It can leave you paralyzed in a prison of your past while fearing to embrace the future. Rejection damages self-esteem, self-worth, self-image, and the pain of it can cause one to sabotage relationships. When rejection is allowed to breed in our lives we give it authority and access to to grow out of control as we go out of control.

Workshops and Empowerment Seminars


Zion is committed to impact and empower listerners with life changing tools that may assist in rebuilding lives one brick at a time. Regardless of a fragmented past the future can become healthy and whole.


Each workshop and empowerment seminar is designed to help you reach your destination while learning to embrace the journey.


The Funeral After The Funeral 

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