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“I find Mr. Roseboro to be a young man of high moral character with a dedication to learning. Mr. Roseboro demonstrates a strong sense of self and shows many leadership characteristics. He is a well-rounded young man with exemplary determination, dedication, and drive for success that shows the true essence of his character.”

-Earle H. Williams II, Psy, D. Forensic Clinical Psychologist

“Unlike so many coaches and counselors concerning trauma Ronald doesn’t follow a traditional pattern of popularity. His coaching style is compassionate, holistic, and relevant. He creates an atmosphere of comfortability which leads to transparency. You learn to embrace a greater sense of self-discovery, hope, and healing. Ronald is truly committed to seeing injured souls healed.”

                                                                                                  -Lisa J., Entrepreneur

Coach Zion exposes male vices, addictions, and bondage in order to highlight hope and empowerment.” -Orlando A.

“One of the great aspects about the coaching of Ronald is his ability to implement; when needed, his powerful writings into sessions such as his therapeutic book: Is There A Samson In You? He provides laser focused attention, and sheds light on many important areas in the lives of men and women. He creates an environment of transparency, confidentiality, reasoning, and practicality for life in his coaching style.”

-Jewel W., Social Worker

“Mr. Roseboro is a very positive, well-spoken, and well-mannered gentleman. I know him to be a lover of God and His people. His communication and people skills are excellent, and he has the ability to make people see their worth. The compassion and passion that he walks in is notable among those who know him.”

-Dr. Janet L. Newell D.Hu, D.Clc Apostle/Senior Pastor

“Mr. Roseboro is  reliable, punctual, dedicated, skilled and a gifted communicator. I have had an

opportunity to observe his character in a variety of situations. Under pressure he is calm. Under time constraints he improvises. When challenged he responds humbly and asks questions as needed.”

-Madeline McClenney-Sadler, Ph.D.

President & Founder


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