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Ronald Zion Roseboro  impacts his listeners with challenging words of truth, hope, and healing.  Zion is committed to use his gifts of artistic empowerment writing to liberate prisoners from chains of self- limitation, self-rejection, offense, and cycles of underachievement.

Quotes & Notes: Journal for the journey: As you travel on your journey in life you will encounter potholes, pitfalls, diversion, accidents and dead ends.  However, you have a tailored destiny to fulfill and a specific destination to reach.  Quotes and Notes: Journal for the journey is an encouraging and empowering booklet designed to assist you in your travel.  Each quote is originally created by the author to help propel you in your travel.  Each quote is originally created by the author to help propel you into your awaited place of abundant living and victory.  Rgardless of your past or current stebacks this book will inspire and motivate you to confront and conquer your fears and challenge you to move to a healthy place of hope and fulfillment..

Is There A Samson In You?  Regardless of whether you are a seminary student, Bible scholar, historical Guru or illiterate; you have no doubt heard the story of Samson and Delilah for it has been echoed throughout time and passed down from generatoin to generation. You can ask anyone a Bible Trivia question concerning who Delilah's victim was and I am sure that the unanimous anser would be "Samson".


The life of Samson serves as both a testimony and template of secrecy and inner oppression within the heart of many men.  Unlike many Bible stories, the story of Samson speaks volumes to the concealed conflict that  most men endure and are held hostage by.  I believe that Samson's inner struggle was very real and relevent to men today.

Trust Me

a poetry selection from Breaking News

Before I ejected my eternal word of life to illuminate darkness I felt your pain like travailing rain.

As night shadows fled from my royal glory I took a sneak peek on the screen of time to view you r life's horror story.

While measuring the universe from my celestial pier I stepped over Noah's ark to catch your tear.

I knew you before Adam knew Eve.

I saw your childhood trauma hidden behind designer fig leaves.

Glancing through binoculars of solar systems before the birth of earth, I beheld inner hurt, from trashy relationships that crippled your self-worth.

Woman If You Only Knew...takes you on an epic journey inside the heart and mind of many men. Unspoken words, past pain, emotional struggles, and societal challenges oftentimes obstruct communication and understanding between men and women. Ronald Zion Roseboro unveils key issues that hinder connection and intimacy to promote healthy and supportive relationships.

All eyes are glued to you as you quietly sit in the casino of public criticism. While surrounded by highrollers, life suddenly deals you a hand that you wil never forget. Frustration, pain, and shame, whispers the reality of your losing hand. The game must be played and quitting is not an option. How To Play The Hand You're Dealt will encourage and empower you to successfully win even when the odds are against you, because a good stand is better than a bad hand.

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